About US

A Commitment to the Test & Measuring Instrument market and over 20 years of diversified test and measurement experience including General Purpose Test Eguipment, Automotive and Telecommunication Test and Instrument has given WENS a unique position as a long term market leader in advanced Test & Measurement technologies.
Partners As your partner, WENS will provide you with a complete assortment of test products tailored to your
specific needs. Innovative technology and creative engineering give WENS products the edge when it comes to
size, weight, ease-of-use and rugged design. Your engineers and technicians achieve the highly accurate test results that help them provide the consistent quality that your customers demand. You'll benefit from less down time, increased analysis capabilities and the peace of mind that comes from working with equipment you can trust and afford.

Beginning at New Energy Era, WENS extends to new business, Re Energy Industry
Recharge Battery , Solar Energy Testing, Management Solutions, Testing Instruments . Equipment.